DEET FREE Insect repellants

Our Products

BuggerOff insect repellents combine a mixture of essential oils sourced from plants that have traditionally been planted to deter flying insects. All our products are DEET free.


Our range of insect repellant toiletries include creams, oils, lotions and soaps – all made with natural ingredients and free from DEET.

Candles and Lamps

We have a full range of insect repelling candles and lamps made from naturally insect repellant essential oils.

Lantern Fuels

Our insect repellant lantern fuels are perfect for table top and free standing oil burning lamps and are infused with natural essential oils.

Keeping it natural

It is well worth taking the time to consider what is in your insect repellent because  skin is the body’s largest organ.  BuggerOff insect repellents contain a mixture of essential oils and no DEET.


Essential Oils can be produced from most aromatic plants and South Africa has an ideal climate to cultivate many of the species required for a range of industries.


Khakibos (Tagetes) is one of our key ingredients and has traditionally been planted  between the rows of farmers’ crops as an insect repellent. Today it is used as a base for perfumes and can help with parasitic and fungal infestation.